Request Policy

Requests are for players that sign up during regular registration.

All requests should be placed in the upper right hand corner of the Players Registration Form.

A player is allowed to request

  • to play with another player
  • to play with a particular coach
  • to NOT play with a particular player/coach

A coach is allowed to request

  • players that have played with them previously
  • to NOT have a particular player

It is the player's responsibility to contact the player/coach with whom they are signing up to play.  The player needs to verify:

1) that the player/coach is actually playing/coaching this season
2) that the player/coach is signing up in the same division as you
3) that there is room on the player/coach's team for you

Request Scenarios that are not or may not be honored include:

1)  A request made by a player that signed up after regular registration.

2)  A request to play in a gender inappropriate league. (A D4 female player requesting to play in the D4 male league.)

3)  A request by three Division 6/Division 5 players to play with each other but none of their parents are willing to help coach.  (Since a team consists of a maximum of six players, and we try to get two coaches per team, if three players are pairing up then they have to supply a coach.)

4)  A request by multiple players from a previous team to play with Coach A, but, Coach A either does not sign up or signs up after the teams have been divided.  (These players will be distributed back out into the league.)

5)  A request by Player A to play with Player B.  Player A signs up in Division 5 while Player B signs up in Division 4.  (It is the player's responsibility to contact the player with whom they are signing up to play with, to verify that the player is signing up in the same division as you.)
6)  A request by a Division 4 Player A to play with a Division 4 Player B but all eight players from Player B's previous team are returning. (Division 4 teams are limited to 8 players, therefore there are no slots available for an additional player.)